The Porsche
Data Cup ´22

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The competition was running from March 7th, 2022 to April 10th, 2022

Drive your business with CONNECTed cars!

Porsche is proud to host developer teams from various companies to take part in a digital innovation competition: The Porsche Data Cup.

To kick off the launch of Porsche Connect Partner Services in North America, a program which provides access to vehicle data and enables third parties to develop new services, the Porsche Data Cup competition will focus on the development of real-life services to enhance customer experiences.

Participants will get the chance to access replicated vehicle data, which they can use to test out their ideas under realistic conditions.

Winners of the competition will be awarded a head start to develop their business with access to free* Porsche vehicle data for 3 months, plus will be given the opportunity to consult Porsche about their products and promotional coverage on Porsche’s channels.

* Terms & Conditions



What is the Porsche Data Cup?

A digital developer competition, hosted by Porsche and High Mobility, running over the course of five weeks. The participants will use various APIs, SDKs and car simulators to present their product ideas for real-life services that benefit Porsche drivers.

Crucially, you and your team will work with a specifically designed in-browser Porsche car emulator to test your apps and services in a realistic environment. If your project gets selected to compete for a medal you can challenge your business ideas with the battle-hardened Porsche and High Mobility market experts, get professional tips and guidance and finally get the chance to integrate your live service with the all-new Porsche Connect Partner Services.

To ease you in, you’ll find SDKs for iOS, Android and Node.js readily available in the developer platform. For all other systems, you’ll find the REST API to meet your needs.

Who can participate in the Porsche Data Cup?

The Porsche Data Cup ´22 is an online event that is open for companies registered in the United States of America. We welcomed all companies with product ideas in the areas of On Demand Car Care, Insurance, On Demand Charging, Home Charging and EV Services. The mentioned categories are not limitations and serve as areas of most interest.

How does it work?

Participants started by registering via the application form. Unfortunately, we could not accept everyone, so we put together a dedicated team from Porsche to evaluate and select participants. Every applicant received an email with further information and the next steps.

The accepted applicants joined the competition via the High Mobility car data platform. They were required to have an active account on the platform, which provided free access to the tools and car simulators.

Each applicant provided information about their idea or service in the dedicated competition workspace to participate in the competition. The information required included a short description, a presentation, a short video demo, among other things. All relevant dates were communicated during the competition.

Finally, the applicants will submit their projects via the competition workspace. The finalists will present their work in front of a mixed jury.

Why should I join?

The top three winners will have the opportunity to work alongside Porsche and get a head start to develop their business case with access to 3 months of free* usage of Porsche vehicle data provided by High Mobility. As a bonus, the opportunity to consult Porsche about their products and promotional coverage on Porsche’s channels.

* read the Terms & Conditions here.

Who won the European Porsche Data Cup?

Similar competition was held in 2021 for EU companies. Submitted projects fit into categories of Smart Home, Fintech & Insurance and (e)Mobility. Out of all submitted projects, the Jury carefully selected finalists who got to present their idea in front of the Jury and based on the presentation as well as the relevance of the submitted project, three winners were selected. 

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